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HOE's and Displays

Holographic Primary and Secondary Telescope Mirrors for narrow and RGB Imaging applications

Telescopes Mirrors up to 30cm Diameter
NTE Displays
Solar Windows

TIPD has developed Holographic Waveguide technology that allows for the collection and concentration of sunlight while maintaining high transparency. This Solar Window technology waveguides broadband light inside the glass through TIR and is then collected by a solar panel glued to the edge of the glass waveguide. Real world tests were performed over a 1 year period with exceptional life time results. Larger versions were built and tested up to 1 meter square, seen here in the photo to the upper right.

Optical System Components

TIPD has developed a design and fabrication process for volume holographic optical elements (VHOEs) that can be used to replace traditional reflection and refractive optical components where performance and Size Weight and Power (SWaP) issues are critical.

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