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Beam Shaping HOE's and Arrays 

On and Off Axis Lens Arrays

TIPD develops and fabricates a variety of HOE lens arrays for both ON and OFF Axis applications (shown here in white light illumination). Image 1) shows 10x10 array of off axis spherical lenses for 532nm. Image 2) shows a 5x5 array of 2cm diameter HOE’s for off axis collimation of 532nm beams.

Narrowband Cylindrical, spherical, etc.

The above Figure shows a 10x10 array of off-axis HOE lenses that were designed to focus a collimated laser beam to an array of 3 x 5mm evenly illuminated pixels with sharp edges.

The above Figure shows a 152mm x 152mm thin film HOE that functions as a linear array of 1x4 off-axis cylindrical lenses that focuses to a 0.5mm x 152mm line, designed for 532nm illumination. This design provides beam shaping in the focal plane so that the lines are evenly illuminated and deliver sharp edges.

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